Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Homemade Bogie Wine

It’s a question I am frequently asked; is it possible to make your own wine from bogies?

In these days of austerity, every penny counts, so the idea of a never-ending supply of free booze is one we all yearn for. With this in mind, the good news is yes, you can make your own wine from bogies, and in this article, I’m going to teach you how.

Selecting your Bogies

Bogies, or boogers as our American cousins wrongly call them, are an ideal ingredient for fermentation. Rich in minerals and vitamins, and with a zesty, slightly salty bouquet, bogies can be used as a substitute for grapes to begin brewing your own plonk almost immediately. A good, daily rummage up the schnozz can yield anything up to three or four grams, but if you’re serious about making wine then you’re going to have be more ambitious with your harvest. Fortunately, most people don’t know the value of their nasal cargo, and foolishly throw their bogies in the bin. So why not get your friends and family to contribute their bogies to your effort? You can always offer them a bottle of the finished product in return for their help.

If you don’t have a wide social circle, then another possibility is to go bogie foraging in and around your local area. Most strangers will happily let you shove your finger up their nostrils to dig out a nugget or two, but make sure you obtain permission from the nose owner first. And while all bogies can be utilised in winemaking, you should try to avoid those coming from coke addicts or coal miners.


Once you have collected your bogies, you will need to get your hands on a couple of other ingredients. First of all, pubes. Pubes are what will give the wine its body and colour; black pubes produce a heavy, dark drink, while blonde pubes will make for a lighter, more refreshing beverage. Ginger pubes should be avoided, as they lead to instability during the latter stages of the brew, although more experienced winemakers swear they use nothing else.


Winemaking shops will charge you a small fortune for yeast, but why fork out hard earned cash when you have a readymade yeast factory in the shape of your wife’s tuppence? With a few lifestyle changes, she’ll soon be pumping out enough of the stuff to keep you in free booze until the end of your days.

Get her into some tight-fitting underwear, insist she use a harshly perfumed soap and hide all the yoghurt, and within a week you’ll be ready to harvest your yeast. When your wife’s complaining and scratching reaches unbearable proportions, take a teaspoon and scrape up any grey discharge from in and around her flappy bits. Leave what you collect to dry in a warm, airy place such as a windowsill, then simply pop it in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.


Now for the exciting part. Place your bogies into a bucket and pour in a gallon of water, then get your feet in there and squish those bogies into a mush. Some recipes recommend washing your feet first, but personally I find this step unnecessary. Once the bogies have reached the consistency of snot, throw in a handful of pubes and pitch in the yeast. Now place your concoction in a cupboard and forget about it for a while.

If, after a week, your wine is foaming and giving off an ungodly stench, then you’re on the right tracks. Leave to ferment for another three months, then pour into old Lidl own brand cola bottles. After a further six months your creation should be ready to sample. Invite a few friends around and watch the look on their faces when you tell them this wine cost you not one penny.

Taken from the forthcoming book ‘Getting Shitfaced on a Budget’, by SJ Smith.

Disclaimer; SJ Smith accepts no responsibility for acute poisoning or death resulting from this recipe. Brewers of this beverage do so at their own risk.

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