Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Take a Peep at Peeper for Free

In the build up to the release of my third novel The House of Fox, Sinful Press are giving away free E copies of Peeper on Amazon.

Peeper is the story of a struggling private detective who stumbles into a case that is far bigger than anything he has ever dealt with before. Dragged further and further out of his depth, he becomes entangled in the world of a beautiful but manipulative exhibitionist. At the same time, his home life is being turned upside down as his bi-curious wife decides she wishes to explore her sexuality with another woman.

To claim your free, no strings attached copy of Peeper, click on the links below.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Friday, 24 June 2016

Leisure Release Day

 Thank God it's a slow news day and nothing significant has happened in the UK in the past twenty-four hours to completely overshadow everything else that happens . . .

Leisure tells the story of a young woman named Alice, who is starting a new job in a council run sports centre. Full of hope and expectation, believing this to be the beginning of a dream career, she very quickly realises she has landed herself in an enclave of insanity, where the rules of society have been thrown out the window and the lunatics are firmly in command.

As Alice falls under the spell of the beautiful nymphomaniac Lucy, she finds herself being dragged ever deeper into the chaos, and must decide whether to join in or run for the hills.

Leisure is an erotic farce, full of smut, stupidity and surreal humour. It’s lighter and frothier than Peeper, not nearly so perverse, with the emphasis more on daft comedy than dark fetish. Having said that, there’s plenty of sauciness and ultimately a sort of serious message about how we all put on a different face in the workplace.

You can order Leisure here, for the princely sum of £2.05 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016


It has finally happened. My mad wife has fucked off and left me to go and live in a metal pipe in Cheshire.

The break up is all my fault of course. I was leaning on her, she said, and I can see exactly what she means. I wasn’t pulling my weight; all I did to contribute was work three jobs, six days a week, do all the housework, cooking and shopping, look after the gardens and supply the vast quantities of dope she smoked every day. When you compare this to her tireless efforts to sit on her arse watching telly and take two holidays a month, it’s really no surprise we’re heading for the divorce court. Just because I was suicidally depressed at the crumbling state of my marriage and the sudden death of my best friend is no excuse. I should have done more.

Plus I’m also to blame for the financial hardship we’ve had to endure these past four months. I recklessly frittered away my cash on stupid stuff like bills and food, while all the time she struggled to keep her engineless, leaking narrowboat moored in the most expensive marina in Cheshire. And I utterly failed to magic out of my arse the ten grand she needed to turn her floating skip into a working vessel.

What a cunt I’ve been.

Anyhow, one has to look on the bright side. I’ve two novels out this month, two riotous launch parties to hold, and now that I’m single I’m free to indulge in red hot rumpy pumpy action with a string of salacious females.

So form a queue, ladies; SJ Smith is back on the prowl.