Friday, 1 July 2016

Welcome to the House of Fox

“They’ve got thrills and they’ve got shocks,
Juicy pussies, monster cocks,
Everything to tick your box,
Down in the House of Fox.”

 That’s right, the House of Fox – possibly the only erotic novel of the year to have its own theme song – is now available to buy.

As the country disintegrates and the establishment chase their own tails, why not take a break from the chaos and treat yourself to a trip to the ultimate hedonistic retreat? The House of Fox offers everything you ever desired, as well as things you never even knew you lusted after. It will bring out your inner devil, seduce you into forgetting your fears and abandoning your morals and lead you very much into temptation.

To purchase a copy - available in paperback or for eReader - choose from the following links

And be warned; if I don't sell enough copies of this book to finance my early retirement, I fully intend to inflict the sequel on the world. 

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