Wednesday, 7 October 2015


When I first started this blog I was adamant that I would force myself to keep it up to date, and would write regular pieces to slap onto the net to maintain my profile in the world of smut. So much for good intentions; it’s probably three months since I bothered to post anything. This blog has become something like an exercise bike – you start off doing thirty miles a day, but before long it’s in the attic gathering dust with all your other crap.

So, what news is there to report? Obviously it would be inexcusable on my part to fail to mention that our Prime Minister once fucked a pig. It isn’t relative to anything, but it is a topic that I feel should be regularly raised - right up until the day that dirty pig fucker leaves office. And the next time the hypocritical son of a bitch passes legislation outlawing the depiction of sexual practices in British pornography, he should be reminded of his pork poking past, and told in no uncertain terms that anyone who sticks his rod in a hog has no business whatsoever telling other people what they can and can’t do with their genitals.

There’s finally a leftie in charge of the Labour Party, and Wales are smashing it in the World Cup, but what I’m really supposed to be writing about here is the release schedule for my upcoming works, rather than Cameron’s predilection for slamming the ham. I should therefore stop with the pig fucking puns and talk business.

I’ve just approved the final galley for a short story entitled ‘Office Politics’, which is set to release on Nov 6th, through MuseItHot publishing. It will be a quick read, consumable in roughly the same amount of time as it takes a dignified statesman to slide his erect penis into the waiting mouth of a hog roast. Oops, sorry, I mentioned pig fucking again. I promise I’ll stop it now.

After Office Politics comes out I’ll be concentrating on the build up to the release of my second novel – Leisure – which will hopefully hit the digital shelves before the end of the year. I’m tentatively labelling Leisure as an erotic farce; publishers and retailers love to pigeonhole books into genres, and anything that they aren’t able to neatly compartmentalise gives them sleepless nights. Peeper caused consternation among advertisers because it didn’t fit rigidly into any of their tick boxes, but I’m hoping my next book will be a little more straight forward. I can guarantee that there will be absolutely no pig fucking contained within.

Moving toward next year, I’m hoping to have my fingers in a couple more pies (not pork pies). More news on that score if and when it happens.

Oink oink.

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